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Harmony Within, Healing Throughout



At ReAligned Living, our mission is to guide individuals on a transformative journey to holistic well-being. Through the integration of muscle testing, emotional healing, nutritional therapy, and personalized coaching, we empower individuals to reclaim and restore their health and wellness. We passionately believe in the innate intelligence of the body to heal itself. By aligning mind, body, and spirit our goal is to facilitate a natural healing process and foster a life of vitality and balance for every individual we serve.



Jennifer Peyerl
NTP, Advanced Practitioner NRT, Owner

At ReAligned Living, our purpose is to authentically guide individuals on a transformative journey, fostering a deeper connection with their mind, body, and spirit. Our impactful services aim to uncover a greater balance, leading to optimal health and wellness for every individual we serve.


Our impactful services aim to uncover a greater balance,

leading to optimal health and wellness for every individual we serve.


Functional Muscle Testing


ReAligned Healing



We started seeing Jen for our daughters eczema flare ups and desperately wanting to find the source, not just a short term fix! It was almost immediately after watching her body heal, that the rest of us jumped in to experience the healing we saw it have for her. I mean it when I say, it has CHANGED our lives. Whether it’s a cold, ear infection, influenza, skin issues, tummy issues, anxiety or a number of other things. Jen not only helps us get started on the things our bodies need in that time, but she helps equip us to best care for our family at home, in so many ways! She does so with love & encouragement and always makes our fam of 6 feel so equipped and that means everything to us



A year and a half ago I had a sudden and scary change in my health.  I went from being high functioning to feeling extreme brain fog, high anxiety and physical symptoms my medical doctors couldn't explain. With functional muscle testing, Jen was able to identify areas in my body that needed support and detoxification.
Through the ups and down of my healing journey, Jen has always provided an atmosphere of healing and emotional support.  I have learned to trust my body's innate ability to heal when given the right support. 
As my physical symptoms started improving, I dove deeper into my healing journey with her ReAlign Healing appointments.  These appointments have helped me let go of things I no longer needed to carry and open myself up to joy and gratitude. This has brought even more improvement in my physical health as my emotions and mindset have transformed.
The work that Jen does has been life changing for me and I am so grateful for all of her knowledge and wisdom


Jen is a great coach! I love how she was consistent every meeting, on time, sent meaningful follow up after each session...and during the session she asked great questions to help me understand what I needed to work on, why that was important, and gave guidance for how to do it.


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